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New Nation of Hamazistan Declared in Gaza June 15, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

Hamas today declared the new nation of the Islamic Republic of Hamazistan today, officially sectioning off and isolating the Gaza strip from the rest of the burgeoning economy of the Middle East. Hamazistan The new nation will adhere to a strict adherence to Sharia law. Hamas leaders declared the capital of Hamazistan to be Jerusalem, which is now an open city under the Gore/Blair Palestinian Accords signed by Israel and Fatah in 2004 which is designed to lead to an independent Palestinian state in early 2008. Gaza is considered a near wasteland by most Middle East observers compared to the booming economy of the rest of the Middle East, largely as a result of efforts made under the auspices of the Bill of Hope, which poured billions of dollars into Middle Eastern economic, education, and infrastructure programs shortly after 9/11.

Gaza is home to one of the last known vestiges of fundamental Islamic terrorism, and most military and political analysts view the recent declaration as a strategic mistake, making it an easy target for easily enraged Israeli conservatives like Benjamin Netanyahoo, who long for warfare even in times of prosperity.



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