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Limbaugh’s “apology” October 29, 2006

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Hysterical if it wasn’t for the fact that this man has hypnotized about 50% of the rural population.

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Africa of Faking Climate Change, Calls for Eradication of Africa October 29, 2006

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Rush Limbaugh today called for the elimination of Africa, claiming “it’s just too damn much trouble.”

In a long, rambling soliloquy on his syndicated radio program, Limbaugh said that recent reports that climate change is affecting Africa at a deeper level than has been previously reported in Western media is “a lie perpetrated by homosexuals and people like Michael J. Fox, and, mostly and especially, by the dark continent itself.”

“Africa is a mess, and everyone knows it,” continued Limbaugh. “The best solution is to simply eliminate it. We have the means. We just don’t have the moral courage to do so.”

For more on climate change in Africa, visit here.

Giving Child Killers a Break October 28, 2006

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Sometimes, “liberals” are given a bad name by conservative morons who claim we seem disinterested when atrocities are committed by fanatics.

To me, it’s scary that the neo-cons(“nazis”) have managed to dirty up the name “liberal” in front of the American public to such a point that we (meaning, me, us, you) won’t even acknowledge the name, “liberal”, and, worse, that being called “liberal” is worse than sin. The only way I can think of combatting such moral atrocity is to detail neo-cons with their true colors. History says it all. They’re the precursor to facscists, and they will, if unchecked, lead this nation to fascism.

You might laugh at such a notion. But I think the upcoming elections are a good check on the pulse of this nation.

I don’t know about you, but if the Republicans manage to win, it means the war is over.

The child killers, the insane parents of suicide bombers, the bizarre cult that is Al Queda, will be the ultimate winner if the Republicans manage to win this election.

A vote for Republicans in this upcoming election, is, quite simply, a vote for death, and a vote for more of the same.

I hope people in Kansas get, at least, that.

James Webb To Write “Racy” Non-Fiction Book on Sex Life of Republicans October 28, 2006

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James Webb will write a non-fiction book detailing the sex lives of Republicans shortly after the election, according to reports from within the Webb campaign. Webb, a Democrat who is running against incumbent George Allen (R) for a Senate seat in Virginia, is apparently responding to Allen’s most recent desperate attempt to attract votes from newly disenfranchised evangelicals, many of whom have discovered that while they agree with the moral intonations of many Republican speeches, wouldn’t let their kids within 2,000 feet of a typical Republican government official.

Allen, whose lead in the polls has disintegrated to the point that the race now looks like a toss-up, made references to small sexual snippets in novels written by Webb, which, to quote the Washington Post, are “historical novels that describe wartime horrors in Vietnam and soldiers dealing with the aftermath of war.” Webb, according to the Post, is a decorated former Marine who served in the Vietnam War. According to Allen, the snippets call in to question Webb’s character.

The new book by Webb will reportedly be named “Fire in my Loins,” and will be published by Scribner. Webb will reportedly receive a $1 million advance on the book, which will detail the sex lives of key Republican fornicators. Webb’s book sales can also be expected to skyrocket, experts say, as part of the fallout from the Allen allegations.

The process for documenting the level of Republican fornication is said by many experts to be very difficult, because of a long history of creating and protecting secret lives, but the sheer volume of exploits is said to be so vast that chronicling them should be fairly easy. In addition, Webb is said to be privy to many of their exploits, because, as much as Republicans love their secret sex lives, they also love war stories, and have, over the years, divulged much to Webb.

The original Post article can be found by clicking here.

Webb’s novels include, according to the Post, “Lost Soldiers,” “Something to Die For” and “Fields of Fire.”

See Webb’s scandalous bibliography by clicking here.

His book will be turned into a movie to be broadcast during the Fall 2007 season on Fox.

Note to George Allen (R): Two Words — Rupert Murdoch October 28, 2006

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More on this soon.

Why I Want to Vote Republican October 26, 2006

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I remember growing up a Republican. I am not sure what that means, other than the awful truths that other people, like me, can describe.

I guess, in a way, it’s like growing up Roman Catholic.

Anyway, for me, it means that I grew up trying to avoid punishment. If you’re a bad boy, well, you’ll be called out. Quickly.

We didn’t, in my day, have Harry Potter to save us. It just was.

As the congressional elections approach, I consider, not only my own Republican past, but my past, in general, and I remember that my Republican past was not as harsh as the current Republican present makes it out to be.

I rembember my Republican past and I think of my parents, and I think of Ike. And then I think. You know what?

The Republicans I grew up with, my parents, in other words, were not bastards. They were not invasion fanatics.

They weren’t insane.

My parents believed in these people for a reason.

Richard Nixon, actually, was an anomaly. He was a crook in a world of people who had intense values.

And I’m not talking about evangelical shit. I mean, if you are for that, fine, but don’t vote Republican cuz, well, they’ve blown your ass into the pasture.

No. My parents believed in something real.


I don’t even know what the hell they believed in. All I know is they loved Ike. And FDR, too.

So something is wrong. I think I know what it is, and I think the name, and the concept here, says it all.

And, please, tell me that I’m wrong, but we are running out of time.

Which is fine, I guess. I can make other plans.

Maybe the “Gore Years” was a bad idea.

I know, for sure, that the only people reading this are, probably, a lot smarter than I am.

It’s enough to make you wonder about the next Malthusian event.

Gore to Propose “Green Zone” for Iraq October 22, 2006

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Word just in that the Gore Administration is going to propose a “Green Zone” for central Baghdad similar to Green Zones that have been started in several other urban zones in the developing world.

The Bagdhad Green Zone will, like other Green Zones, be backed by the Kyoto Initiative, which is a recently signed addendum to the Kyoto Treaty that provides funding for environmental initiatives in the developing world, especially the fast growing ones that need it most.

The Green Zone will power downtown Baghdad with nothing but renewable energy, and will initiate a tree planting program similar to the one Chicago mayor Rich Daly helped push in Chicago.


Is Rupert Murdoch a Terrorist? October 21, 2006

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Is Rubert Murdoch a moral terrorist? Or just a guy who likes to make a lot of money, damned if he cares how?

With Fox News currently pandering to the current Republican Fear Campaign (the RFC), it’s time to dig deeper into the pathology of Republican hypocrisy.

The maze is a difficult one to follow, so get yourself some green tea (or some scotch), and get ready to try to follow the amazing thought process that is prevalent in the land of the GOP.

To do this, we don’t need the Mark Foleys of the world, and we never have.

All we have to do is look at Murdoch’s media empire.

from http://www.page3.com/girl/katie_harte/main_image/2009_5_30_katie_harte_1_347x509.jpg -- this is a copyrighted image from Rupert's media empire

from http://www.page3.com/girl/katie_harte/main_image/2009_5_30_katie_harte_1_347x509.jpg -- this is a copyrighted image from Rupert's media empire

And, then, somehow, make a connection to “family values.” The largess of Republican hypocrisy, we’ll find, is matched only by their corruption.

Murdoch’s family values, like Foley’s, tend to gravitate towards skin. Let’s have a look at one of his first successful media ventures, London’s daily tabloid, The Sun.

As you can imagine, sex sells, and Murdoch found that out early. The Sun’s Page 3 girl became famous, especially after 16 year old girls started strutting their stuff before Murdoch’s eager lenses (note that this was legal in Britain until 2003).

Now, I don’t consider myself a prude. In fact, I’ll just be honest and tell you that when I bought Playboys while attempting to stumble into adulthood, I did not buy them for the articles.

But Playboy is published by Hugh Hefner, who is not exactly a major GOP funding force.

So here we have Republicans consistently stitching up victory after victory in the Bible Belt, extolling family values as a key part of their platform (when they’re not begging underage pages for pix), while at the same time, the mouthpiece of the GOP in America (Murdoch owns Fox News, too) has been titillating weak-kneed Brits for more than three decades.

Meanwhile, according to this Wiki site, The Parents Television Council named the Murdoch-owned Fox Network “the worst network to watch with your children”, describing many of the shows as “100% immoral.”

Moral values. 100% immoral. Interesting juxtaposition supporters of the GOP moral crusade face. Problem is, they’ve been facing it for years, and have been pulling the electoral switch for the GOP, anyway, without as much as blinking.

And now we’ve got MySpace.

For a brief sample of ribald MySpace pictures that our friends in the Red should really love (you may want to cross yourselves, first, before looking, if you’re a Red just getting out of church), fu attitudeall you need to do is browse the site for a few minutes. There, our friends from the Red will find much more than an attitude. In fact, there’s not much you won’t find.

But hey, I’m not here to rail against public morality or its evil twin, public immorality. I could actually care less what people watch in the privacy of their homes.

What I do care about is when other people tell me what I should and should not do.

Especially when those same people’s propaganda machine is pushing the masses to actually do the opposite of what these people are saying we should do.

It’s a form of terrorism because the effect of the bipolar messages are actually a major cause for the current toxicity dominating political discourse. On one hand, you’ve got the Murdoch media machine blasting away at (mostly) our youth with titillation and the notion that all you need in life is fun, fun, fun. On the other hand, you’ve got a Red State mentality from voters who, before the Crusades begun by the Moral Majority, typically voted Democratic, but are now buying the propaganda from the other half of the Murdoch media machine, Fox News.

As the frustration in liberal circles has grown with the hypocrisy, along with their own inability to break through to Red State voters in a way that truly resonates, they’ve become more vitriolic in their lambasting of Republican hides, and the Republicans, always in attack mode anyway, have responded in kind.

In a sense, in its most savage form, terrorism is all about trying to drive a wedge between two groups within the same nation who normally have more to gain from unity than from disunity, more to gain from harmony than discord. Healthy disagreement is always good for the democratic process, but terrorists sew discontent between groups. That’s their master plan.

How better to drive such a wedge than to drive the citizens crazy with mixed messages. “Look at this, wouldn’t you like a piece of it? Can’t have it. You’re wrong to think that you can.” It’s like showing a small child a nice, sparkly bit of candy, and then when she reaches it for it, you kick her in the teeth. That kind of thing makes people mad. Or at least it should.

As the congressional elections approach, the results are not in the hands of pundits or talking heads. It’s in the hands of Mary Joe Pinupski, deep in Kentucky, who needs to ask herself why she keeps voting for people who torture her teenage boys with titillating pix, and plan for a war where he has a very good chance of dying. Mary Joe, in other words, needs to ask herself if she wants to get kicked in the teeth.

Republicans Gear Up Their Media Fear Machine October 21, 2006

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The Republicans have officially ramped up their fear-based media frenzy by generating ads suggesting we’re all about to die.

You can find one of them here.

As a professional web developer, I ask this simple question. Do you really trust a party that uses Dreamweaver to write its scripting code to tackle such potential horrors as dirty suitcase bombs?

How do you know they’re using Dreamweaver? Easy, just do a view source and see the ubiquitous Macromedia function MM_swapImgRestore() littering the HTML code. Now, there’s nothing wrong with amateurs using Dreamweaver to crank out a site, but do we want the Republicans to hire amateurs to run a war? If they can’t come up with the technical resources to do a web site properly, how in the name of fat hypocrisy can we expect them to run a war if they somehow get the presidency back?

You think the connection is off the wall? Well, just, for a moment, let’s come up with a preposterous scenario.

Imagine, for a moment, that Bush had beaten Gore in the presidential race of 2000. Now, imagine that instead of engaging the Middle East with diplomacy and, essentially, winning the “war” on terrorism (as summed up here) Bush had done something crazy, like invade, oh, I dunno, just for the sake of argument, maybe Iraq. Who knows why, but just bear with me for a moment. For me, it’s almost as easy to then imagine other weird scenarios. You know, like the U.S. drives into Baghdad, quickly routs the hapless Iraqi army, then disbands it and allows a massive looting spree where all kinds of nasty weapons are squirrelled away.

Okay, granted, I do have an over-active imagination. You have to sort of clear all reason from your mind to imagine such a scenario, but if you saw the job Bush did in Texas and, generally, what a dunderhead he is in general, you begin to realize that, by golly, anything is possible, had he won.

Understanding that Bush would have probably included guys like Paul Wolfowitz in his cabinet makes me think even greater disasters would have been possible, had he been elected. Keep in mind that in February 1992, Wolfowitz’s henchmen drafted an American defense policy that called for the United States to brandish its military might aggressively and persistently. The policy was too chilling even for Republicans, and it was dropped, but George Bush Sr.’s well known phrase “New World Order” came largely from that document, as did, later, the Project for the New American Century, of which several dedicated neo-cons were a part of, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, and Wolfowitz.

In fact, way back in the day Bill Clinton was in office, the neo-cons officially urged an invasion of Iraq.

Still think the whole idea is silly?

See? This is what happens when we become complacent during times of peace and economic prosperity.

Gotta watch that. It’s dangerous business, this complacency.

Okay, so let’s just say their man had won. It’s not too much of a stretch to think that their man, he of a somewhat dim mind, would have played catch with these fellas.

Now, chances are, these neo-cons would not have thought out the prospects for an invasion of Iraq. Even if they did know the difference between a Sunni and Shi’ite, neo-cons are, basically, and simply, warlike. And arrogant. They probably felt that if Saddam could contain the two groups, the U.S. certainly could. As preposterous as it sounds, they probably would have done something completely outrageous, even after winning the initial phases of the war. Who knows what? But something. Maybe they would have relied on patronage to manage the rebuilding process instead of using local civil engineering firms. After all, you can bet that any invasion would have really torched the Iraqi infrastructure. Everything from electrical grids to oil fields would need to be rebuilt.

Who knows, maybe after beating up on the Iraqi army these clowns would even disband it, letting them roam the streets penniless, hungry, and angry.

I know how silly and impossible this all sounds.

Today, Iraq is a study in possibilities, a thriving regional economic power whose biggest problem is the restive Kurds, who want to finish the job of autonomy and become an independent state, but who are not so restive as to take up arms.

But still, these are people whose idea of technical competence is using Dreamweaver on their web site. If that’s the kind of technical competence the GOP has on hand, had Bush been elected and had done the neo-cons’ bidding, I bet they couldn’t have even kept the electricity on in Baghdad for more than a few hours a day, had they been foolish enough to invade.

But the most chilling aspect about their incompetence is their fuzzy knowledge of world affairs. If they thought Iraq was okay to invade, then who would be next? Syria? Or, even more incredible, Iran? Let the dominoes fall, right fellas? Geniuses, all of them.

All of this would have given birth to an army of new terrorists. I suspect if we had invaded Iraq, that nation would have become an Al Queda playground, where American troops would have been engaged in a horrible guerrilla war, with red big targets on their humvees the size of Dick Cheney’s massive butt.

If the U.S. had then moved on to Iran, then we really would have been talking about the very real possibility of a nuclear terrorist incident in the U.S.

And that, my friends, is something the GOP doesn’t talk about in its ad.

Luckily, this is just a nightmare scenario. The kind of thing we only think about as the autumn skies turn grey and the void between life and death, as represented by old Gaelic beliefs of Halloween, approach.

Republican Candidates Run on Fear October 18, 2006

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Republicans campaigning for Congress are famous for their hypocrisy and unsubstantiated attacks. Several Republican congressman have latched onto what one called Gore’s successful Middle Eastern policies as a “parade with our enemies.” But the silliness doesn’t stop with Republican fascination with war and power politics.

For example, one Republican congressman, Lynn Westmoreland, is saying that despite today’s study that it’s still okay to eat fish, Al Gore’s environmental “blitzkrieg”, as he calls it, will result in “no fish Fridays, which is an affront against Christians. He’ll ignore this report, and force Christians to eat red meat on fasting days. You can count on this.”

Westmoreland is a well-known expert in such Christian matters as the ten commandments and other points of scripture. He has also been an outspoken critic of President Gore, once standing on a podium and declaring, shortly after a Gore visit to the same venue in Atlanta, Georgia, “and the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today.”

As part of a campaign promise, Westmoreland had promised to debate elementary school children in a “wide ranging discussion of the issues,” but his campaign has recently backtracked, saying he’s too busy studying the bible and the physical properties of methane gas, particularly as it relates to sulfur.

“He’s been kind of a smelly dude lately,” one staffer confessed to me, “so we’ve asked him to take a look at it.”