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About the Gore Years

Welcome to my fictional blog, The Gore Years. I call it a Flog. If you’re familiar with the concept of alternative history, you may get a kick out of this flog. The Gore Years is a flog about what should have happened in American politics, and it begins by describing what could have happened if a responsible human being had been president during the first few years after 9/11. A frustrating, sometimes maddening look into what could have been.

For background on this flog, I recommend the page titled “Iraq During the Gore Years”. If you read it, think of it as an article that might appear in the New York Times or some other paper’s op-ed section in a better, more just world than the one in which we currently live.

The Gore Years is about daily living as it may have been like if the election had not been stolen from Al Gore years ago. In normal circumstances, I would have been able to let go of the outcome. In fact, for many years, I did.

But we’ve reached a crisis point in this nation and time is running out. The need to stop Bush has become urgent, and the only way to stop Bush is to turn out every Republican seeking re-election in the upcoming congressional elections. This is my small, token effort to help that cause, by portraying what life may, or, even, should have been like if Bush had not “won” the election. Bush is not merely a bad President. He is not, in fact, merely the worst President in modern history. He is a not even merely an imminent danger. He is a threat to the survival of the Republic. As such, all of us have the power and responsibility to do everything we can to overturn the last election.

The Republicans are worried that if the Democrats retake the House and Senate, the nation will be consumed with impeachment proceedings.


About me: I am a software engineer at a major (top 10) web site. I am, like most, pretty disgusted with the state of American politics in general, but I’ve grown to believe that the apathy affecting American youth, although perfectly understandable given the choices presented to them, has become a very dangerous condition. This is my attempt to demonstrate how different the world could be right now, if only we Americans made better choices.

I can’t guarantee complete accuracy in my attempts to describe the conditions in this fictional world. For example, this page describes an Arabian man and his family living in Iraq. What little I actually know of Iraqi people and culture comes from the Internet and news stories. I hope I don’t offend anyone’s sensibilities by misrepresenting the culture of a particular group or nation, but if I do, I’m sure I’ll hear about it, and I’ll try to rectify it.

Also, I kind of need to say that I’m not necessarily endorsing Al Gore to be the next president. Rather, this site is merely an attempt at fantasizing how things might be different had he taken office instead of Bush.

To contact me, send an email to chuckwh and that hot mail place as the email domain.


1. Wayne in WA State - October 18, 2006

And Now, A Message From The President of the United States


2. Matt - November 9, 2006

That’s funny…but short. If Gore had been president, New York, Chicago, LA, Washington and Philadelphia would be smoking ruins. We would be negotiating with Bin Laden asking him not to hurt us.

Due to the Kyoto Accords and high taxes, unemployment would be around the 15% mark with high inflation and interest rates. Homelessness would be rife.

New Orleans would not be rebuilt at all.

Gasoline, because of the closing of refineries, taxes on oil companies and new consumption taxes would be $7.50 per gallon when you could find it.

3. thegoreyears - November 9, 2006

Actually, New York, Chicago, LA, Washington, Philadelphia, and Jericho, Kansas, will all probably be smoking ruins, because Bush created a new generation of terrorists. The math is actually not fuzzy. It’s very simple. Before Iraq, most dedicated terrorists were hiding in caves in Afghanistan. Now, thanks to the illegal invasion of Iraq, there are about 15,000 more, not to mention all the pissed off Arab kids in the street.

4. Steve - November 10, 2006

I strongly disagree with Matt.

If Gore had been president America would NOT have invaded Iraq:

1. Iraq did not attack the United States so there is no way that a Republican Congress would have relinquished its constitutional war powers and authorized “President” Gore to pre-emptively attack Iraq.

2. The American military under President Gore would have been authorized by Congress to go after bin Laden (the real culprit of the terrorist attack on 9/11) and if bin Laden was able to flee to Pakistan for safe haven, US troops would have gone in there after him …

3. Gore would NOT have made Pakistan a “partner” in the “War on Terrorism”. After all, Pakistan was one of the only three nations that supported the Taliban … see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliban
According to US intelligent services and the current administration, Pakistan is STILL harboring the Taliban and Al Qaeda and bin Laden.

4. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and bin Laden would have been so busy trying to escape US troops that perhaps most of the terrorist acts that have occurred around the world in the past five years (i.e., London, Spain, etc.) would not have occurred because the homegrown terrorists in those countries were reacting to the current US occupation of Iraq.

5. The US budget surplus would have remained, so there would have been no need to raise any taxes… no burst bubble, no unemployment increase, and there would have been no exporting of IT jobs to Pakistan and India.

6. The New Orleans disaster would have been far less costly in human lives… National Guard troops and the Army Corp of Engineers would have been in the US, instead of fighting and rebuilding Iraq.

The Bush Administration’s reaction to 9/11 played right into Al Qaeda and bin Laden’s game plan. Al Qaeda declared that they want to bankrupt the West (the US budget surplus before the Iraq is now a huge deficit) and Al Qaeda wanted to start a global war between the West and Islam … and so far the Bush administration has played right into their hands.

5. Gary - November 14, 2006

George Bush/Tony Blairs disastrous impact on the Middle East will live on well past their terms in office: the ultimate result of the Iraq debacle is an authoritarian Iraq leaning toward Axis of Evil member Iran. I sincerely believe Al Gore would not have inficted the Iraq war on the world. Re-elect him in 2008.
This is a great blog- oh, what might have been…

6. Rob - July 30, 2007

Fascists like Matt are the reason The Bu$h Crime Family has been able to commit treason. Matt better hope he doens’t end up in the camps Bu$h Co had Halberton “build”.


Typical leftist Communist piece of horse shit. Calling everyone a fascist. You should be glad you weren’t in Serbia when your Democrat scum Clinton bombed it in an unprovoked war of aggression, killing over 5000 White Christian Aryan Slavs. Typical commie hypocrite. Go back to sucking stalin’s dick, Red!

7. The Mutton King - August 19, 2007

Hey, Rob, please don’t leave me out. I’m a right wing fascist as well. Please save some of your paranoid name calling for me? Also, you forgot to rant about how the Bush administration was behind 9/11. Please update us on that when you get the chance?

As for this flog? I disagree with everything you say, but it’s well written and shows passion. It’s free speech man … have fun.

8. Wm. Rike - January 4, 2008

Hey, let’s really go nuts and start a site called “The Kerry Years”. He got robbed too, and yet, mysteriously, hardly anyone seemed to notice.

9. The Mutton King - January 22, 2008

I noticed, and laughed and laughed and laughed.

10. TheDeeZone - February 17, 2008

Get over it. The election wasn’t stolen. Your candidate of choice lost. Whining I mean fanatizing about how things might be differant is going to make things better in this country. Well, since I have already stated my opinions about this on my own blog I will stop here.

11. thegoreyears - February 18, 2008

Dee, after reading the first sentence in your blog, I think I see now why Democrats are so anxious to re-introduce the concept of education to American society. Get a good grammar book, and get back to us, okay?

12. TheDeeZone - February 18, 2008


If you read more of my blog you would realize that I have dylexia and dysgraphia. It has nothing to do with education.


13. thegoreyears - February 18, 2008

A liberal, compassionate, understanding federal government would see to it that you were taken care of.

We assume, of course, you can take care of yourself. You have proven that point, right?

But a liberal government believes in taking you under our wing, and praying for you not with just words, but action.

14. Will Howard - July 22, 2008

I disagree on part of “The Gore Years.”

Al Gore was always a strong advocate of airline security and would have taken measures to secure cockpit doors along with other measures.

Predator drone flights would have resumed in March of 2001, and the Gore Administration would have been focused like a laser beam on Al Qeda.

You can bet that it would have not just come down to the August 6, 2001 briefing. President Gore would have been on it.

There would have been no attack on September 11. It would have been thwarted, just as the Clinton Administration thwarted at least a half dozen attacks in the 1990s (NY subways, bridges and tunnels, LAX airport millenium etc etc)

September 11 happened because Bush is incompetent. The elephant in the room is that this is the first big example of it. More was to come with the War in Iraq and the Katrina response.

15. The Mutton King - September 25, 2008

I’m looking forward to the the fictional blog “The Obama Years” starting November 5th … depending on how long the recount takes, of course. =)

16. Jmicheal - November 17, 2008

Matt is just a republican ass . and writing this after the 2008 election , he has brrn shown to be a LOSER republican right wing out of touch with the majority of America ass…. can anything be more pathetic than that?

17. Jmicheal - November 17, 2008

911 is the fault of the airlines … period. A 20K dollar hyundai had a more sophisticated security system than a multi million dollar airliner loaded with fuel. Ummm excuse me right wing idiots… how LONG have airline hijackings been taking place? since the 19 SIXTIES? So Mr right wing idiot! and fatcat airline CEO, … they have been stealing cars for 50 years and you still park your car with the keys left in the ignition? Meanwhile for the past 15 years my email is bombarded with $100 multi camera security systems for my home that you claim are too expensive to put in an aircraft….but youv’e got money to put DVD players and TV screens in every seat back? AFTER 911 they FINALLY ponied up the bucks to secure the cockpit door and put in a peephole viewer! Again, HOW LONG have terrorists been hijacking Aircraft?
Do I have to go further painting this picture of incompetence? So why have we blamed the criminals who were piratically invited to the crime?


So you think the democrats are any better than the Republicans?! You think the EVIL democrats don’t start wars? What about that COCK-SUCKER Clinton? What about the 5000+ Serbs he killed in his cowardly attack on Serbia in 1990’s? Have you forgotten?! You Libtards uump up and down on Boosh for killing arab saracen sum in Iraq, yet turn a blind eye to the wanton slaughter of White Christians in Serbia and Croatia! You hypocrasy astounds and disgusts me! You are nothing but a traitor who is sold out to the Jew. Fuck Obama and Gore! FUCK ALL DEMOCRATS! Remember SERBIA! SLAVIC POWER!

19. marmaduke - August 10, 2010

Our guest Serbian sounds very sensible. Why oh why would anyone bomb such a tolerant, peace loving people?

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