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Reverand Wright: Black People Must Fight Each Other May 1, 2008

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.
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I guess Obama will end up losing this battle for the nomination.

I really think Hillary is gonna pull this out.

For me, and milliions of Americans, it will destroy what was left of what we call hope.

That town in Arkansas, the town that gave birth to Bill Clinton and Mike Huckleberry, is gonna be the only “hope” that ends up mattering in this election. It’s ironic in a sick, twisted way. Hope, Arkansas, is all the hope we will all ever know, after this election.

It’s tempting to blame Hillary for this, but, just as I blamed the American people for choosing Dubya not once, but, twice, I blame the American people for this obsession over Reverend Rite®.

Americans have always had a weird, twisted relationship with African Americans. Most of the immigrants who helped built America on their backs never got to know the people who really built America. On their backs. It’s a weird thing, that the people who are killing Obama in the polling are the same people who would have loved him 60 years ago, who would have loved his people sweating, building their country.

You would think they would love, and understand, the stuff Reverend Wright was talking about. But instead, they’ve turned against him. The working class said, to the real working, slave class: we have no appreciation what you did for our country, and we hate you for your efforts.

So, they are saying, your punishment is just. You have finally found an idol who is not a sports star. And we will make sure you fight each other forever. And we will destroy him.

That’s the karma going right now. I know *I* can’t make it right. Can you?


1. Brett - May 1, 2008

Even I can’t see the democratic party using SD’s to go against the popular will of the people. The result from such a disenfranchisement would be startling. But hey, if the Democratic Leaders want to throw away a chance at the White House by tearing the party apart, go for it; I won’t be following it down the drain.
Regards from rVa.

2. John - May 1, 2008

I don’t think Al wrote this tripe. If you did shame on you Al I thought you were a man worthy of respect. Look’s like I was wrong.

3. thegoreyears - May 1, 2008

John, the fact that you even considered the possibility that Al Gore wrote this tripe demonstrates why Obama, or, even Hillary, needs to be elected. Education, education, education.

4. Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal - May 17, 2008

Oh “Al” with the title of this piece I really thought you were going got get into some real nitty gritty. Not to worry I did the heavy lifting and shed some light on this situation myself.

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