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McCain Chooses George W. Bush as Running Mate March 12, 2008

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John McCain today picked Major League Baseball Commissioner George W. Bush, who lost to Al Gore in the 2000 elections, as his running mate, The Gore Years learned today.

McCain, who lost to Gore in the 2004 elections, praised Bush as being a man of the people. “Commissioner Bush has a long history with the six pack crowd, and that’s who we’re after,” sang McCain to a very small crowd deep in the bowels of Alabama, which is said to be the last stronghold of Republicans in the United States after the Clinton/Gore Years.

“My friends, he’s a man who can make mistakes. As am I. I am looking forward to a new era in politics, where we can admit our mistakes almost as fast as we make them. This, my friends, is real change we can believe in”

Bush, who was defeated by Al Gore in the 2000 election only after a contentious legal battle, would be the first human with an IQ below 68 to be President, if McCain expires before his term is over, which is expected.

Asked about that, McCain was optimistic. “My friends, George is a good man, a decent man. Let’s just assume that I’m not as old as I really am, and that if I am, we can all pretend that I am not. I may not be a Reagan man, but I am.”

Asked whether he’d turn back the Gore Doctrine, which, after 9/11, transformed the Middle East, McCain said, “We need to look at the roots of prosperity. Could our economy be better if the ballasts of the military industrial complex were behind it? My friends, I would say yes.”

For more on the “Gore Doctrine”, which is actually, just, my doctrine, go to:


picture url: http://plison.agora.eu.org/blog/files/images/bush_looking_stupid.jpg



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