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How to Get Out of Iraq March 7, 2008

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.
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I haven’t had much time to write lately. Writing is my passion. I write fiction, too, besides this blog (believe it not!). Anyway, no time to write much.

I think rather than trying to sound scholarly about this difficult issue, I’ll just let my writing mind shut up for a bit and say what needs to be done for the next president to exit Iraq.

First off, even though I’m a bit of a Obamanut, I need to say that I agree with those who say if America pulls out immediately, it will be a disaster. If you can imagine a giant cherry bomb filled with a bunch of people igniting, spreading their limbs all over the place, you can only begin to imagine what will happen when we leave. The American invasion created a cherry bomb that makes Yugoslavia look like a picnic among friends.

First thing we need to do is just admit to ourselves, all of us, that we RE-ELECTED the dude who got us into this mess.

We also might want to think about how Belgrade could have been a different city if Bill Clinton had thought more like Obama.

You can argue with me that Bush didn’t win either of his elections. But it’s not like you rose up and overthrew him, so the argument is, now, bogus.

The responsibility, therefore, is among us all. And even if it’s not, even if you won’t admit to ANY responsibility, you have to deal with facts.

Since the invasion, there are conservative estimates that say at least 80,000 Iraqis have died. But that’s, like, the lowest end of lowest ends. Most reasonable estimates are that the American invasion has cost many, many more lives than the evil dictator did. And their lives were lost in the most horrific way. You step out of your house to go shopping, and you don’t know if you’ll be killed. At least under Saddam, pretty much, if you kept your mouth shut, you were okay.

So, like it or not, we have a moral obligation to at least make a reasonable effort to help these people survive the American policy that, we, the American people, created.

So you look at Iraq, and my argument, and you’ve got to say, “Whoah, McCain is right, another hundred years.”

Not so.

I honestly think we could “win the war” if we spend twice the amount we spend in military spending on education in Iraq (and if we have to, the rest of the Middle Eastern poor areas) .

By that I mean, for every dollar we spend on military dollars, we spend two on education in the country we are occupying (be it Iraq or Afghanistan).

Actually, that should be a bill of Congress. Sure, a lot of good, righteous, rural people would complain on the domestic front, saying, “what about us?” but the war would be over in about a year. And those good people would be taken care of by the simple fact that the war is over. A good man on the pulpit would explain that to the American people, much in the same way that the American people have been bled to believe in Iraq and other futilities.

Look. We have to pull out anyway. Why not leave gifts behind us, at the very least. And I’m not talking about Bibles, or books on Thomas Jefferson. Let’s create libraries in Iraq, full of books written by people of that region.

You know what? I bet most literary types in Iraq or anywhere else in the Middle East are NOT into suicide bombings. Have you read any Middle Eastern literature? I have. Writers tend to be peace mongers. Why not help their own intellectuals spread the word?

Why is this such a difficult concept for Americans and their politicians?

It’s never been hard for the Saudis, who spread their own fear, via Wahabbism.

How stupid will we continue to be?

We reap what we sow.




1. Tim Underwood - March 26, 2008

Education isn’t the answer there anymore than it is here. Supernatural beliefs about the superiority of death over life have the same negative affect everywhere. These beliefs are maintained by education.
There are modern secularists in all the Muslim countries that no western political leaders seem to care about at all.
Typically our democratically elected leaders seek out religious leaders in all none-secular republics to do business with. They thus are able to bypass the subjugated women and men.
Once you convince your own neighbors that you are a secular republic, it may be easier to get your leaders to support modern people in Islamic dominated states.
Don’t hold your breath. God is a superstition that many Americans want to die for: just like you know who.

2. thegoreyears - March 27, 2008

I think you should read, not only the rest of this website, but the rest of history.

You can start with this alternative history: https://thegoreyears.wordpress.com/2007/06/14/samarra-university-enrollment-to-225000/

and drill down.

If one assumes, as you appear to do, that all of Islamic education will be based on Wahhabism, then of course, you would be correct.

Therein is the problem. I doubt that the McCain campaign would know a Wahhabi if it sat on his face. I doubt most Americans would.

Education should not be driven by theology, it sounds like we have no argument there. But don’t assume that people in the Middle East believe that theology, theirs or anyone else’s, is the only path to education.

As it happens, the Wahhabi’s are the ones that are educating Middle Eastern youth.

My proposal is that we replace them.

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