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William F. Buckley, RIP February 29, 2008

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Note: This is another of several occasional posts referring to today’s “real world” as opposed to the more hopeful one of The Gore Years.

As the sane Republicans keep falling off the face of the earth let us keep in mind what one of his guests, Noam Chomsky, said in regards to Vietnam during a visit with Buckley on Buckley’s TV show, Firing Line:

“…What seems to me a very, in a sense, terrifying aspect of our society and other societies is the equanimity and the detachment with which sane, reasonable, sensible people can observe such events. I think that’s more terrifying than the occasional Hitler or LeMay or other that crops up. These people would not be able to operate were it not for this apathy and equanimity, and therefore I think that it’s in some sense the sane and reasonable and tolerant people who should—who share a very serious burden of guilt that they very easily throw on the shoulders of others who seem more extreme and more violent.”

In other words, it is we, the voters, who bear responsibility for what is happening today in Iraq. And it is we who will bear the responsibility if John McCain wins the next election.

The Chomsky quote is from http://www.democracynow.org/2008/2/28/william_f_buckley_dies_at_82



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