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Death at Cole Hall February 18, 2008

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.
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My memory of Cole Hall is a simple one. I remember being a freshman at Stevenson North and seeing the woman of my dreams in the elevator. I had no idea I was so athletic! I saw her in the elevator, and I jumped over two or three dudes wrestling in front of the elevator. I leaped over them like a gifted athlete, and she just said, “hi” as I alighted before her.

That was a true moment, and I knew it at the time. I doubt she had ever paid much attention to me before that, but I am pretty sure that if you ask her, she’ll tell you she remembers that crazy, skinny man who had, for no real reason, determined he was in love with her, and, if you are a relative of hers, she might even tell you how he jumped over a small crowd just to get into the elevator with her. At least, I hope that’s the story she tells you.

I can’t imagine she doesn’t remember that moment.

Time went on, of course, and she disappeared from my life.

In fact, 30 years or so passed.

I am not sure what separates me from the newest killer, other than an obvious, wonderful domestication. When I see my wife sleeping, I see a child, hair draped over eyebrows as if painted by Matisse. And I wonder, what separates me from the NIU killer? What stops obsession?

Is it the pure softness of her hair as it falls against her face? Is it that simple? And if you don’t have that in your life, does it make you crazy?



1. Morris H. Mote - February 18, 2008

It was all a dream. Al Gore was never really president and you were never in that elevator. It was all just a dream. Good night, Jacob.

2. thegoreyears - February 18, 2008

You’re wrong. Al Gore was president, and still is. And America is not a pariah. And the economy is booming. And books on FDR are the newest rage. Deal with it.

Deal with it now, cuz Obama is coming to a theater near you, and he will make FDR look like a Rockefeller.

3. scheffbd - February 18, 2008

I guess good ol’ Al isn’t the only one who went insane after the 2000 election.

Are you accusing Obama of being a socialist? Or worse, a communist?

4. NIU Needs Answers » Blog Archive » $40 million too much? - February 29, 2008

[…] of students have passed through Cole Hall in classes during their time at NIU. For some, there are great memories there. If we are not going to be defined by an act of hatred and violence, knocking down a building […]

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