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Al Gore Endorses Obama for President February 1, 2008

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

In what pundits, talking heads, and bloggers are calling a stunning betrayal, Al Gore tonight endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Obama for president“I do this with a heavy heart,” said Gore before a packed media throng at the Kodak Theater media center. “Hillary was my vice president, and she served me well. But dynasties do not serve any nation well, and, when someone with rare vision enters the American stage, patronage needs to be shoved aside so that we can welcome this new energy into this nation’s political life.”

Tonight’s debate was a showcase of two genuine talents, Gore said, but in the end, “it’s all about this weird, enigmatic thing called destiny, and who can tilt destiny more favorably into a righteous direction. And I believe, today, the candidate who can is Barack Obama.”



1. Michael White - February 1, 2008

Is this actually true?

2. thegoreyears - February 1, 2008

Of course it is, silly!!!!!

3. Michael White - February 1, 2008

Should have clicked on “about” to quote homer (simpson) doh!

4. thegoreyears - February 1, 2008

Hey, just glad you’re sort of paying attention. This post is finally beating such posts as “John Edward Thomas Moynahan Wins Lottery” and well, uggh, won’t even mention the other one. Just google Iphone2 and you’ll know.

5. Lynda - February 2, 2008

Err i almost fell for it but yeah Al Gore, do America a favor and endorse Barack Obama for President.

6. erin - February 4, 2008

wow for satire that’s not really funny

but I agree, Gore should definately endorse Obama!


7. 34624b2442ty - February 7, 2008

Getting the Gore endorsement would be the greatest endorsement for Obama. Gore is insanely popular with DEmocrats across the board. His endoresement would only help to solidify Obama’s nomination

8. Odinga - February 8, 2008

Dynastic presidents frustrate the enthusiasm and drive of the people for ascendancy. The Clintons should go, we face serious challenges that demand a different type of politics, their time has come and gone, and please don’t tell me about Obama’s inexperience, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz are all experienced, but look at where they lead us, an endless and useless war, trillion dollars in debt, depressed economy. And yes, Obama can win, $32 million dollars in January alone was not raised by black folks.

9. Sanda Schuldmann - February 11, 2008

Al Gore if he is the man we think he is should come out endorse and work to elect Barack Obama. Of all people he knows the Clintons BEST and he should come out and tell the real truth about BILLARY. Come on Mr. Gore. You care about the environment? Then I hope you care about US. If you do, then you must do the right thing and come out and lend your support for the right candidate. SPEAK UP NOW!

10. maria mireles - February 28, 2008

Mr Gore with the highest of respect , I like to voice my opinion. Mr Gore I pray you endorse Hillary Clinton, I believe she will help your cause which I feel there is an ergence for our environment. Please endorse before its to late. Help us save the evironment.

11. Ronald Fields - February 29, 2008

The Demise and Death of America

I must admit, we are responsible for our own demise. We the citizens of our own United States of America have slowly strangled this nation to death. This did not happen overnight for we have allowed this to happen over a period of time.

I gave 4 years of my prime life so others can enjoy theirs for peace and freedom and am totally disgusted at what is happening in this country, so I guess I am entitled to make a few comments.

How you ask did we the people ruin our own country? Well for one we are brainwashed by both the Republican and Democratic parties. These politicians are so corrupt many will sell their souls for any price to get elected. They are out of touch with the American People. They are supposed to represent us and do the “Will of the American People” but they rule us and only do what is best for them, squeaky interest groups and corrupt business leaders that support them. Why do we keep putting these same people into power? BECAUSE WE ARE BRAINWASHED!

There are many reasons why America is dieing… How many industrial jobs are left in this country? How many steel mills are still operating? Why are companies like Walmart and Lowes not called China town. Why do we keep buying foreign items? One reason is our corrupt government along with corrupt business leaders have sold this country and its citizens out to foreigners for the greed of the US Dollar which by the looks of things is sinking faster then the Titanic did… and that was declared unsinkable…. Hmmm.

I don’t know what percentages of foreign goods get into this country but just about everything you pick up is made in China, India, Pakistan…and others…. this all started after WWII when the US and big business decided to rebuild Japan and then it spread to other countries such as Taiwan, Korea and many others for the greed of money… although some trade is healthy… do you know that these countries have import quotas and restrict American items but yet they can sell what ever amount of goods they want here…. but to have the majority of our goods produced overseas will be fatal to the United States of America and Canada too.

You have made Toyota the number 1 selling car and I guess the rest of the Japanese cars probably make up for about ½ the cars sold in this country. Well some say they are made here. Again I don’t know what percentages are made here but the majority of them are just assembled here with imported parts but you fail to forget, the profits go overseas. Maybe they are providing some jobs but we would have more jobs with production in this country and Canada, which we have been in partnership forever.

Every time you buy a foreign item you are destroying your USA. When you buy foreign you shut down our factories, our steel mills, other industries… you put your brother and sister out of work… remember folks…. War is coming and you are supporting and building Chinese factories and a Chinese War machine…which is building at an alarming rate.. These factories are going full blast while ours are shut. Get the picture? How long do you think it will take to reopen these factories and retrain the people that ran them… The American people are no longer proud of their products…. I get a real kick out of Honda’s going by me on the interstate with a big red, white and blue flag across the back…. with I’m Proud to be American across the trunk…. If you are so proud to be an American why don’t you buy American made goods. HYPOCRITS… If you are so proud of your country then why do you salesman, sell these items…? You should get your salaries paid in YEN. I also believe all government employees should be required to buy American made products. I am offended that my tax dollars go overseas, that our citizens, especially the youth buy so many foreign cars, and wonder why they can’t find jobs.. I believe they should put a 20% unemployment tax on everything foreign sold and this could easily be done since the country of origin is in the UPC. I believe All Boards of Directors should be held accountable for the junk and consequences of said problems caused by faulty and substandard items that come into this country… again for greed and profits. WHERE IS YOUR AMERICAN PRIDE?

Americans are so gullible and will believe anything the politicians and business leaders tell them.
Why do you/we keep voting these politicians and their parties in??? Do you know right now that the US government is considering buying AIRBUS aircraft fuel tankers for our military? Boeing is the best airplane maker in the world. This is insane and suicidal … buying foreign items for our military…. ??? Call your congressman and tell him no on this issue… the phone number is in the phone book.. or email him.. American people WAKE UP ! TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK !

Can we reverse what has happened? Is it too late? We the people have the power to change what has happened in this country. But like I said earlier neither the republican or democratic party is going to help us… for they have sold this country out… even my own son Alex P Keaton Jr is so brainwashed by the republican party….. Americans, things will never change if you vote these parties in again…. Actually what person you vote for has little bearing on the way the country is run… The problem is the party they represent…. Both parties are controlled by a behind the scenes group most have never heard of…. the “Illuminati” …. Some of its members are George Bush (both of them) the Clintons are members… this is your “New World Order”….. they want to control the world… this is a group with some of the worlds most influential people… The Bilderbergs, Rockefellers and more…. We (the People are to blame) for allowing this to happen since we keep supporting these parties….. and as long as we keep voting for the parties it will get worse… THESE POLITICIANS (PARTIES) ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ….. THEY KEEP TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES AT YOUR EXPENSE…. We the people have the power to change all this…. but will we… probably not…. because all we know is DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN …… PERHAPS WE SHOULD TRY INDEPENDENTS …. If you want change … then first you have to change….

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_attendees this one list the attendees, royalty, countries involved… etc… these people want to control this world and the United States and its armed population is the only reason The New World Order is not yet in full power… Did you know the IRS is not a US Government department…. it is an Illuminati run organization…
http://www.illuminati-news.com/061006c.htm http://www.rotten.com/library/conspiracy/illuminati/

Ronald Fields
Limestone TN
http://www.webspawner.com/users/morparmtn/index.html “What Happened to the American Dream”?

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