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Dave Winer Endorses Obama January 29, 2008

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

I'm a California voter for Obama.

Dave Winer, the father of blogging, has endorsed Obama, largely, if I am reading him correctly, because Bill Clinton destroyed his credibility with his attack dog mode in South Carolina.

I mailed in my California absentee ballot some time ago (before the Clinton fiasco), and marked in Obama. As I did so, I felt okay about the prospect of Hillary beating him, even though she wasn’t my preference, but Bill’s desperation to return to the White House has made me cringe at the thought of Hillary running against the Republicans, who will smash away at Billary with everything they’ve got.

I’ve been following Obama for a long time, since his rousing speech at the Democratic convention, but I’ve been somewhat cynical about his chances for truly catching on. I’m still doubtful — he still has an uphill climb, but there is hope.



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