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Happy New Year, Reagan Nation January 1, 2008

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

I woke up this morning and surveyed my condition. Overall, I found it good. Good to be alive, sort of bummed that The Gore Years was still a stupid fantasy, but, still, as my tiny brain surveyed the situation, everything appeared to be okay.

After all, most of my California friends have survived mortgage-gate (nobody is calling it that yet), because they’re so silly with real estate that they can survive almost any bump. I even count myself among the lucky, since I didn’t get suckered into a stupid loan I couldn’t afford (I’m not one of the lucky few who has 20% California-style).

Ronald RaygunAnyway, back to this morning’s survey. My wife and I had a party last night. It was my and our first attempt at hosting a New Years Eve party, and, damn, it was fun.

Damn, we have a lot of champagne left over. Enough that it makes me want to become a blog spammer, in the hope that maybe I can get rid of it somehow.

Otherwise, I’ll be forced to drink it all, and start acting like a Republican.

And if I drink it all, I may get all demagogic on you all, and do shit like this:


Just kidding. Luckily, no amount of alcohol would force me to promote whinism. New word. Whiny-ism. Whinism (whiny-ism) leads to sickness, for those who care.

I told my wife that I would be less judgmental of others in 2008, but I am already sensing, as I survey the damage from 2007 and my kitchen, and that dope’s blogger of the year, which are all somehow strangely related in my tiny little brain, that I am going to have to apologize to her for screwing up that promise.

Last night I talked to two very charming men who loved guns, and I was so far “out there” to these guys that I realized that part of my 2008 strategy, from a politics standpoint, may force a focus on finding a way to understand these people. I guess that’s another blog, not a Gore Years thing, since I’m pretty convinced that these people would have been at least partly shut down if, as a nation, we were not a Reagan Nation.

But we are. We have been, of course, since about 1981.

Call me crazy, but by my math, this means America has been subject to Reagonisity for well over 25 years. That’s as old as most of our kids.

No wonder our foreign policy is written by dolts. And that we’re okay with it. We’re all sold by the myth that Reagan defeated Communism and the Soviet Union. Among other things.

It’s a very scary world, still, for a guy like me.

Still, I sense a new year, a good one, may be on the horizon.

For one thing, I was not surrounded by gun fanatics last night. There were only two of them.

The rest of the party had a New Age demographic that still has me thrilled. I was surrounded by men and women who were, by and large, my age, and who have survived Reagonisity by, largely, sitting outside of the political process. These are people who can simply shrug their shoulders and carry on, something I am absolutely incapable of doing.

But they do carry a strong message. By bowing out of the political process, they are the new Silent Majority. Eventually, somebody, probably a revolutionary, will reach them.

I wonder what that revolutionary will look like, and what he/she will say. I’ve never been a Gore fanatic, but there are times I wonder what would have happened if he had been given the victory that should have been his. Would a revolution still be necessary? Is the fact that he “lost” cause for revolution? Not with this apathetic population.

I think, as the new year progresses, I’ll find it more difficult to create the fiction of the Gore Years, and I’ll need to start a new blog that deals with reality.

But I’m not sure.

Let’s just see what happens. That’s what’s great about life. You never know. Even in this fucked up world that Ronald Raygun created, you just never know.



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