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Apathy December 2, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

Ask your kid who he/she is gonna vote for, and she’ll say, “Dad, leave me alone.”

I gave a hard time to one of my favorite bloggers, Marc Canter, about the state of American politics, and he said, essentially, “yawn.” He hates American politics, but I say, his disinterest has led us to the dictatorship that is sure to happen soon.

I sent what I thought was a heartfelt message to Dave Winer, but apparently he’s too busy. He, too, is too preoccupied with whatever, maybe his new toy.

The kids I talk to say that they no longer believe in the political system, so well, their vote never mattered anyway.

I guess that’s fine.

But it reminds me a lot of Russia, and Putin.

We can complain all we want about the lame political system.

But apathy resulted in a dude named George W. Bush.

And it is you guys, you who are tired of the system, that gave birth to him.

I’m tired of your apathy.

I’m tired of your crappy, “well, I hate our political system,”

You’re lazy and you gave birth to Bush.

You owe me, and the rest of America, an explanation, and a better solution that voting doesn’t provide you.
You are directly responsible for George W. Bush, and whatever happens later.



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