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Turkish Parliament to Introduce Native American Genocide Bill October 17, 2007

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Roanoke Shell Habib remembers reading the notes from his great great grandfather’s diary, which were scribbled on the back page of the Koran. The only known Turkish Armenian to have Native American ancestry, Habib recoils at the vivid descriptions his ancestor recounts in the diary, which details horrific scenes of mutilation and oppression at the hands of American soldiers bent on “taming the West”.

The diary also asks a simple question. “What exactly out here is there to tame? We are too poor to be wild, too defeated to rebel, too tired to even ask why. The question I ask of my fellows in humanity is this. What is it about us that makes us hang on the processing line of the slaughterhouse? If it is our land they want, could not they steal it from us without utterly removing our dignity?”

Still, Habib can smile today, as he is part owner of a casino in Nevada that is a testimony to the same greed that consumed his ancestors’ nation.

“It’s a small consolation, but it still puts a smile on my face, watching dogs eat themselves from the inside out.”

Today, the Turkish Parliament introduced a non-binding resolution condemning the Native American genocide.



1. anon - October 19, 2007

this is just retaliation for the usa condeming the aremenian genocide isnt it?

2. jmichaelx - November 2, 2007

Maybe it is retaliation, maybe not. Who cares? What we should be concerned about is truth, and the systematic slaughter of Native Americans was genocide. Maybe if we can learn to repent of our (many) past atrocities, we will then learn to turn away from the atrocities we are committing today. The USA has NO higher ground whatsoever to stand on to denounce the crimes of other nations. Let us first remove the beam from our own eyes.

3. Jmicheal - November 15, 2008

I suppose the Armenians would care. If this was done as an act of cynical retaliation on the part of the Turks then it is even more bitter. While I may wish that in the 12 th century, Native Americans were able to reconnect to their Siberian descended cousins in central Asia and restrain the seeds of European domination which was coming in a few hundred years in order to preserve our civilizations … I cant derive much comfort in a solidarity that may just be some form of political manipulation. What is needed? more info on Turkey’s reconciliation of Armenian charges with the facts and truth, instead of Tit for Tat posturing, at the expense of murdered peoples. I am all for pan Turkic thinking and I do believe that we Native Americans have much in common with our cousins in Siberia who have moved through out Eurasia (and thru ourselves) The Americas and Greenland (Klalalit Nunat).

4. ayşe - December 5, 2009

in 1915 while the turks was protecting thiere country from the occupying nations in the west of the turkey( in the çanakkale battle) the armaniens,who always had lived in comfort and prosperty in the ottoman empire,attacked the turkish people,they killed the turkish women,childs and old people by descenting to houses becaouse they wanted to make an armanien country in the east of the turkey so to do that they had to change the demografic structure killing the turkish people in the east and they did.the turkish people fighted with armaniens for saving their family and lands and the ottoman empire moved the armanienswho were livinginthe east of turkey to the suria which was another land of ottoman for stoping the kaos between two people and saving the turkish country .now those aermanians live in eurupe and usa.the armanian genocide is a lie that telling by those who still wants the turkish lands.the historians that telling the truth is menacing to be killed by the armanians,their houses is wrecking by the armanians. ı have alot of things to say but my engilish is very bad .the only thing ı want that please read the turkish history

5. Chris - December 6, 2009

Mexicans have a high degree of native american dna. Are you going to introduce a land expropriation of 1848 bill?

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