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Al Gore For President October 17, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

One of the risks with a site like this, with its fictional headlines, is that it will confuse readers when a real statement, made about real times, is made.

This is one of those times. This is a fictional blog. I’ve created a very silly, unrealistic world where Al Gore, as president, wins four Nobel peace prizes.

I also write about things like how Google has bought Russia (for reasons I assume to my intelligent readers are obvious), and how iPhone 2 will be soldered to your head.

But people who know me well know that I was absolutely crushed when George W. Bush was re-elected. My friends will tell you how I was at work watching the exit polls online and was bewildered when I came home and saw the states turn red on the network maps.

My wife’s favorite story about that horrible period is about the time we were watching some cloggers at a festival and I bitched that those nasty cloggers had to be red-staters, and weren’t worth watching because of that fact.

So ya, that was sort of my George Bush bottom.

However, other people, you included, have even worse tales to tell. We could all, in fact, fill up a book describing the time we felt, under the George W. Bush presidency, our nation fall to its most severe bottom. Some of us felt that it happened with that initial Supreme Court decision. Some of us feel it happened during 9/11, when a president heard in his ear that New York had been struck, and kept reading a children’s book, for reasons that historians will ponder much harder than our own media did.

Even die hard Republicans, those who are honest, feel the rage, because, as you all know, the one defining moment of the Bush presidency, the Iraq war, is an embarrassment even to the most gung ho marine. Show me a proud marine today, and I’ll show you a proud Cubs fan. Show me a military man who understands Bush’s tactics, and I’ll show you a book named Sun Tzu’s The Art of Buttfucking a War. With detailed maps.

There is, then, little question that the Bush presidency has been disastrous. Not many Republicans are actually willing to go on the line and say, “In George We Trust.”

However, none of them will tell you the truth about the excavation project needed to rescue America from the Dubya legacy. That legacy is such a huge disaster that I almost question the sanity of any Democrat willing to tackle the fallout.

Still, politics being what they are, there they are. Hillary, bless her heart, seems okay with adopting the economy that Bush has brought forth.

This is not the easy thing that the recovery from the last Republican, Reagan-based debt fest was. Hillary is basically saying, “I can absorb the biggest hit on government debt in history, and I will survive.” Typical feminist fervor, but it’s unlikely anybody can survive the hit Bush has created. That she considers herself up to the challenge, and has proven herself such a professional since her first early returns from upstate NY, earns my respect.

I will, without hesitation, vote for her if she wins the nomination.

Barack Obama is also a worthy candidate for the Presidency, and I say this even though I’ve slammed him. I really thought the Pakistan remark was the mark of a true rookie, but, at the end of the day, I trust an intelligent man, which Obama surely is, over an unintelligent man, like George W. Bush, the leader of our idiocracy.

Obviously, I will vote for Obama if he is the Democratic nominee.

The natural question, then, if you’re a thinker, is, why mess with a good thing?

You’ve got two great candidates, both of whom would run circles around the Republican alternatives.

I guess for me, it’s like that Cold Play Video, where we can maybe recreate the car accident.

History has shown, or, at least, is now showing, that Al Gore’s “I invented the Internet” quote is a Republican invention, and that he was, as a congressman, a huge promoter of Arapnet. And, in the wake of his Nobel prize, his collaborators are saying he’s been harping about the environment for 25 years.

A google search shows he’s actually been doing it for a bit longer than that, but whatever.

He is, in other words, a proven visionary.

This site was not conceived as an Al Gore love fest. I started it because I simply wondered, out loud, and through this web site, what life might have been like if Al Gore had won the 2000 election.

Now that the various Gore love fest sites are pointing to this site I need to say again — I was never a fan of Al Gore.

I’m still not a fan. I’m not a fan of anybody. Fandom is stupid. But I do know, from researching this man named Al Gore, that he is the best hope for a population tired of our system, and the best hope for a world who’s ass has been kicked by a retard. And he tells me that maybe the failure of modern politics is not that there is a dearth of visionaries, but, instead, that modern political apathy creates results like George W. Bush.



1. Steve - October 17, 2007

You have always been a visionary …
what Cubs fan is not a visionary?
And whether you are a “fan” of Gore or not
he is a visionary. And even Reagan had a vision.
George W. Bush never had that “vision thing” …

I am sorry to put on my editor’s hat …
but Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War,
Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching.
It is painfully obvious that neither Bush read these books
or if they did, they certainly did not understand them.

Keep up the good work!!

2. thegoreyears - November 27, 2007

Thanks, Steve. Tzu edit made.

All Tzus look the same to me, what can I say.

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