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Former Veep Presidential Candidate Cheney Found at Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels July 20, 2007

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Reports are trickling in that former vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney was found chained to a car axle next to a dog named Gorey Mutt at Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. There is no official confirmation from Surry County prosecutors to reports that Cheney was one of the most successful in Vick’s stable, with at least 14 kills.

“He’s got a vicious snap,” says one dog fighting enthusiast on a dog fighting web site forum. “And a nasty disposition.”



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2. anaenuica - September 24, 2009

Popular row hosting service Rapidshare ( http://www.rapidshare.com ) has been slapped with a $33.4 million frail not later than a German court and ordered to espouse stricter regulations in search its uploaded satisfy, according to not too reports.

The lawsuit was brought not later than German royalties gatherer GEMA, who called on the Regional Court in Hamburg to uniformity the file hosting overhaul to refrain from it from hosting 5,000 music tracks on its put representing download.

GEMA released a announcement in German addressing the court’s ruling:

“The judgment states that the hosting service itself is in this day executive for making positive that nil of the music tracks anxious are distributed via its programme in the future. This means that the copyright holder is no longer required to perform the interminable and complex checks.”

The court concluded that Rapidshare and other like file sharing sites had not entranced the gentlemanly measures to prevent copyright disobedience from occurring via the assignment

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