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Samarra University Enrollment To 225,000 June 14, 2007

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Samarra University, a sprawling network of university campuses in Iraq, today announced that it had admitted its 225,000th student. The university, named for the town where the Al-Askari mosque stands, was founded by Shia clerics under the auspices of the Hijric Collective and has campuses scattered throughout Iraq. Its most recent campus was opened in Basra late this year.

Since 2001 the Iraqi university system has become the most robust in the Middle East. For example, Baghdad University has grown from 34,555 students (1988 numbers) to nearly 90,000, mostly through its two new campuses. The Foundation of Technical Institutes has grown from 35,000 students (also 1988) to 70,000, a growth that also can be attributed to new campuses in Mosul and Basra. In addition, the Hijric Collective has opened up a number of smaller universities (in addition to the Hijric Samarra University) with a somewhat Islamic-focused curriculum. Although this makes conservative American politicians nervous, so far the results are encouraging, with about 35% of the first wave of graduates moving on to post-bachelor work at the larger universities, and the rest into such fast-growing Iraqi professions as civil engineering, accounting, and IT.



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