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Senate Approves Final Troop Pullout From Afghanistan March 30, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

Today while we were all waiting with baited breath (those few of us still paying attention to international politics) to see the result of the so-called Faye Summit, the U.S. Senate approved the final pullout of American troops from Afghanistan. It’s poignant to recall that before 9/11, Afghanistan was a basket case — not only one of the poorest countries on the planet, but one of the most ungovernable ones, too. At least, that’s what the Soviets thought. But what America quickly found out under Al Gore was that Afghans, like most self-respecting nationalities, simply did not like being governed by other powers.

Peace is in demand

So, after beating on them a bit for harboring Osama bin Laden, the Gore administration quickly jumped into nation-building mode by promoting the notion of a democratically elected government that was eventually led by American restaurateur Hamid Karzai. Afghanistan cuisine enjoyed a renaissance, as did Afghan poppy farmers, who benefited from a U.N. resolution that forced a drop on tariffs on poppy seed oil emanating from Afghanistan.

It wasn’t long before a French manufacturer of high-end body lotions was advertising poppy seed oil in its $245/bottle body lotion, and the rest is, as they say, history. To make a long story short, nation building was a kick in the pants, and everybody loved it.

Meanwhile, The Faye Summit, attended by President Gore, the UK’s Tony Blair, Iranian President Kamal Kharrazi, and Nichirvan Barzani, President of the new Federation of Iraq, met in Kirkuk to hammer out a bilateral trade agreement that will basically turn Iran and the three autonomous regions of Iraq — Kurdistan, An Nasiriyah (1), and Al Anbar (2) into a free trade area.

The summit, as we all know now after being pummelled mercilessly by American media, is named after British marine Faye Turney, who rescued a young vacationing Iranian child off the Persian gulf. The young Iranian girl, 11 at the time, had fallen into the water during a family outing in the Persian gulf.

Today, just three years later, she’s one of the top ten finalists on American Idol, speaks perfect English, and has dual citizenship in Iran and Iraq, thus showing the power of not only American Idol, but Fox and, most assuredly, Rupert Murdoch.

1. an area roughly south-east of Baghdad and named after Nasiriyah, a massively important historical home to anyone interested in human history

2. which of course includes Baghdad, along with most of the western half of Iraq



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