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Former V.P. Joe Lieberman Released From Psychiatric Hospital March 28, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in Al Gore, Iraq, Joe Lieberman, Neo-cons, News and politics.

Former Vice President Joe Lieberman was released today from a Connecticut psychiatric hospital today nearly five years after his famous rant in the Senate chambers urging President Gore to invade Iraq “post-haste.” Lieberman, who was diagnosed as having Dissociative identity disorder after a series of speeches shortly after 9/11 that seemed to reflect changes in left/right philosophy on an almost daily basis, was released after the hospital was able to conclude conclusively that Lieberman was, in fact, a Republican. Joe is released
“Joe has been a model patient,” said Dr. Anton Fesk, “and it appears his confusion about who he is, this haunting struggle he’s faced reaching out and finding nothing, is finally over. He is solidly in the Republican camp, where he promises to remain for life.”

Lieberman was replaced as vice-president early in the Gore administration by Hillary Clinton, who is now running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

His plans are unknown, and it is also unknown whether there is any treatment for being a modern day Republican, despite recent suggestions within the psychiatric community that some provision for the affliction be provided in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).



1. fatfingur - March 29, 2007

Oh that dinosaur.

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