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Chlorine Plant Explosion in Fallujah Black Mark on Gore Administration March 18, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

The explosion in Falluhah’s Habbaniyah facilities that has left at least 100 people dead and thousands more injured has become a black mark on a president who has made a living off the environmental mantra.

According to reports, the facilities were poorly run and had few of the safety mechanisms in place that are typical in most industrialized nations. That the facility was at least in part a product of the Gore Administration’s Bill of Hope creates an embarrassment for Gore and Vice President Clinton, especially as the Democratic primaries heat up, even though Clinton has never been at the forefront of the administration’s environmental clean up campaign.

The facility, in fact, was named in one of the initial government reports that pointed to an existing Iraqi engineering infrastructure when, during early congressional hearings on the BOH, the Gore administration argued that the only way the BOH could actually be successful was if indigenous firms (and engineering talent) managed major infrastructure projects in the Middle East.

Republicans will remind voters that the Gore administration resisted Republican congressional efforts to establish a legal mechanism that would have favored American engineering firms such as as Fluor, Halliburton’s Kellogg Brown & Root subsidiary, and Bechtel as prime contractors during the contentious negotiations that led to the BOH. Most Republicans are eager to forget what Congressman Ron Paul described as “just another anal leakage of our freedoms and sovereignty” when Republicans, caught up in the non-partisan reaction of 9-11, voted overwhelmingly for the BOH and helped create what Gore later called a “New Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity.”

One observer in the Gore administration, when asked about how the administration would contain the public relations damage that might come out of the accident, said, “Most of us have been here long enough that we can still imagine the other ugly scenarios that might have occurred. I know this sounds crazy, but what if we had listened to some who wanted us to invade Iraq back in 1997? We may be dealing today with suicide bombers driving around in Baghdad with step vans full of chlorine. I’m not happy about today’s accident, but some of the nightmare scenarios our strategic folks mapped out in response to neocon proposals make me pretty confident that this is a situation that we can actually contain.”

Blog note: For more information on the background of the neoconservative movement, written by the neo-cons themselves, refer to this website:


Blog note2: Obviously, this story about a chlorine gas explosion in Fallujah is fiction, as is, unfortunately, The Gore Years.



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