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On the Bears, the Cubs, Alfonso Soriano, and now some unknown British Dude January 27, 2007

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

The current economy of baseball, or, for that matter, any sport, is simply not sustainable if you don’t give the players responsibility for the product. I don’t know the details of the insane Beckham contract, but I didn’t see anything in it that implied ownership of the team.

Beckham can say what he wants, but unless he introduces things like TV time outs and a goal net that is about twice as wide as it is now (so that athletic American kids can become star goalies), soccer will never be an American sport.

The Chicago Cubs pissed a lot of people off by signing an overrated baseball player, but that only proves my point (I think).

What’s wrong with the Soriano signing is that he, like other big signees, has no responsibility, really, truly, for the end product.

I remember also being shocked at how the Bears (of all people) signed Brian Urlacher to what I considered an insane contract, and, hey, the guy’s a freak and an amazing player, but with that kind of money he could be a part owner of many football teams.

Why is Michael Jordan not, at least, a minority owner of the Bulls? If Jerry Reinsdorf had given Jordan the respect he deserved, he would be. Instead, the United Center is named after a dying airline, and Air Jordan’s shoes have been filled by Kobe Bryant, a good player with about one tenth the character of Jordan. Go figure.

We Americans are scared of Karl Marx because we think anybody who talks favorably about him is going to send us all to a sort of weird, Soviet pergatory.

But the sports and entertainment industries are, whether we in America like it or not, the precursor to a new economy. Hey. I am not kidding. I work for a huge web firm and guess what people do when they leave? They start a new company, because they are unhappy with their ownership position. People aren’t happy being rock stars. They want more.

As I interpret Marx, I think he suggested two things about this. He said, first, you cannot own the means of production if you are not necessary for that production.

The other thing he said is that the “proletariat”, that means you and I and, even, dare I say, Soriano, SHOULD control the means to production. But Marx didn’t understand that no owner of anything will simply hand the keys to the farm house to the workers.

Except, of course, unless you’re talking about the sports and entertainment worlds.

That means, in a baseball sense, that Soriano, instead of pissing us all off cuz he makes so much more money than the rest us, is, still, just playing for the buck. Not even he knows what is coming. He can’t. He’s just a jock. But at the end of the day, the means of production will be worn on his socks, because there is no other way to sustain such an economy.



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