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Dave Winer to Run for President — Can He Challenge the Obama Juggernaut? December 17, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

A long time ago, in a time, far, far away, Dave Winer was a small time hood writing geeky AppleScript codes for Quark Xpress (and other) users. He was just a small time guy. Writing small time scripting routines. A hacker, actually, but a good hacker, not an evil hacker. A guy who examined code bases done by others and said, “I can improve upon this, or, maybe, just hook into it in a way that people will love.”

His foray into this experience was called, appropriately enough, as it turns out, Frontier. The Frontier that began as little more than a scripting language hook into other programs (or APIs or whatever) morphed into other things, like Radioland, and Manila, and all sorts of other DAVE things that few people besides Winer truly grokked, even though all the programs shared the Winer mantra and brilliance.

Eventually, Winer apparently tired of trying to create the next Big Company (he was not available for comment as this was being written), and so he turned his attention to XML. This scared a lot of people in the XML world, for good reason, but Winer was not concerned. He blasted the XML community for their various obsessions, and created what is now known as the only real XML specification that has survived The Gore Years, RSS.

In the meantime, his personal diary site, The Scripting News, became the template for the phenomenon we now know as blogs.

But that wasn’t enough for the star of blogs. The joy and anger he sent to others was not enough.

Now, Dave Winer has declared himself a candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

Does Obama have a chance?



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