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James Webb To Write “Racy” Non-Fiction Book on Sex Life of Republicans October 28, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

James Webb will write a non-fiction book detailing the sex lives of Republicans shortly after the election, according to reports from within the Webb campaign. Webb, a Democrat who is running against incumbent George Allen (R) for a Senate seat in Virginia, is apparently responding to Allen’s most recent desperate attempt to attract votes from newly disenfranchised evangelicals, many of whom have discovered that while they agree with the moral intonations of many Republican speeches, wouldn’t let their kids within 2,000 feet of a typical Republican government official.

Allen, whose lead in the polls has disintegrated to the point that the race now looks like a toss-up, made references to small sexual snippets in novels written by Webb, which, to quote the Washington Post, are “historical novels that describe wartime horrors in Vietnam and soldiers dealing with the aftermath of war.” Webb, according to the Post, is a decorated former Marine who served in the Vietnam War. According to Allen, the snippets call in to question Webb’s character.

The new book by Webb will reportedly be named “Fire in my Loins,” and will be published by Scribner. Webb will reportedly receive a $1 million advance on the book, which will detail the sex lives of key Republican fornicators. Webb’s book sales can also be expected to skyrocket, experts say, as part of the fallout from the Allen allegations.

The process for documenting the level of Republican fornication is said by many experts to be very difficult, because of a long history of creating and protecting secret lives, but the sheer volume of exploits is said to be so vast that chronicling them should be fairly easy. In addition, Webb is said to be privy to many of their exploits, because, as much as Republicans love their secret sex lives, they also love war stories, and have, over the years, divulged much to Webb.

The original Post article can be found by clicking here.

Webb’s novels include, according to the Post, “Lost Soldiers,” “Something to Die For” and “Fields of Fire.”

See Webb’s scandalous bibliography by clicking here.

His book will be turned into a movie to be broadcast during the Fall 2007 season on Fox.



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