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Sweet Lou Piniella to be Next Cubs Manager October 16, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in Chicago Cubs, Lou Piniella, News and politics.

My sources (and they are plenty, since I’ve spent almost as much time in my life on Rush Street as Jim Hendry has over his last two months on his job as Cubs GM) say Sweet Lou is poised to blow the rookie off his perch.The current Trib propaganda on Sweet Lou:

“But he made his reputation in Seattle by turning a team that lost 98 games in 1992 into a playoff team by 1995.”


Earth to Hendry: You ain’t got three years to turn this team into a playoff team. What’s the next part of the plan?

Well, anyway, the old, creaking guy is gonna replace the young whipper snapper.

And by replace, I mean, really, replace.

Girardi was the guy we all wanted. All the real Cubs fans wanted Girardi, even if we were wrong.
So what do we get?

Dusty Version 2.


Or is it Dusty V2. Hell, even I don’t know, and I’m a web junkie.

All I know is that Sweet Lou is “old school”.

Girardi is supposed to be, too.

At least, though, Girardi probably knows about things like OPS, and dreams, in his sleep, of how to manage the vast amount of information that enters his office.

The last thing the Cubs need is a superstar manager. Especially when he is 67 years old.

Call me an age discriminator (is that a word?) but 67 is 2 years beyond retirement age in the real world.

Age discrimination is when a qualified person under retirement age is beat out by somebody clearly inferior. In this case, it’s actually the other way around.

A hot shot with ONE world series under his belt, creaking like one of those tree dudes in Lord of the Rings, a man who lived a long time ago while trying to offer a few puffs of wisdom as a color man on broadcast TV, beats out a young up and commer.

Hey, Cubs fans. Guess the result of this one.



1. Patrick - December 9, 2006

I think yer gonna be surprised how Lou makes the guys know they can win. Does anybody know wha tnumber Piniella is gonna wear since I thin ksomebody wore # 14. Thanks
Refugee in Tampa Bay

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