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Schwarzenegger Switching Parties October 14, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to announce he is leaving the Republican Party and becoming a Democrat, The Gore Years has learned. He was set to make the announcement at a pre-election breakfast fundraiser hosted by Willie Brown today in San Francisco, but since his opponent in the California governor’s race, Phil Angelides, was a no-show, the Governor apparently decided to upstage his rival somewhere else.

The reason for the flip-flop? He has flip-flopped so often, he felt one area he hadn’t flip-flopped on was in regards to party lines, according to sources close to his campaign, and he is determined to rectify that.

“Arnold does take counsel,” one staffer says. “He admits when he’s wrong, and it’s turned out he’s been wrong a lot. We saw that in the last election.”

In the November 5 elections, Schwarzenegger backed four California propositions that were all defeated by voters. The lesson? Lead by being led, apparently.

Other insiders, however, are saying that the real issue is that Schwarzenegger feels that the Republican party is now dominated by girly men, and worse.

“Arnold,” says one insider who chose not to be identified, “feels that the prison culture pretty much has it right. There, the guy at the bottom of the totem pole is the pedophile, and Arnold just decided that, as a member of the Republican party, he’s not comfortable in that position.”

President Gore is said to be lukewarm to the idea of Schwarzenegger joining the Democrats, but is finding some amusement watching the Republican party self-destruct.



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