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Nightmare — 600,000 dead. October 12, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in Blogroll, Bush, Iraq, News and politics.

I woke up last night dazed and confused.

In my dream, I was taunted by a reality that I knew could not exist.


was what I saw in my nightmare.

I thought to myself, what?

A dream? A stress dream? A real nightmare?

First thing I did was look at my feet.

They were cool.

But then, scary Jesus, I saw 600,000 ghosts taunting my toes, and, well, I dunno about you but I HATE it when people “f” with my toes.
Then, in my dream — I mean, nightmare — George Bush won the 2000 election.

NO!! I protested.

I said, no, it wouldn’t have mattered. Bush was not much different than Al Gore.

The Greens said so. They promised. They told us so, when they tried to tell us when Bush almost stole the election.

The Greens, in their brilliant naivite, tried to sell us on the concept that the two candidates, Bush and Gore, were not different.

There is no way to measure that, other than to live the nightmare I had last night, the one with 600,000 souls.

That seems impossible to me to imagine.



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