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600,000 Iraqi Deaths? One Yankee Death. Guess What Gets the Headlines? October 12, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in Blogroll, Corey Lidle, death, Iraq, New York Yankees, News and politics, Yankees.

The Gore Years needs to take a quick break from fantasy to note that, whether it is a Yankee crashing a plane into a Manhattan skyscraper, or a Saudi, it pretty much sucks.

And, as a Bay Area baseball fan, I’m feeling that surreal feeling that most baseball fans are feeling.

I won’t lie, and say I’m grieving, because I’m not. I grieve for personal loss, not because some baseball pitcher, on 95 hours flight time, slams his plane into an apartment building.

But what I really noticed tonight was that the death of this one Yankee pitcher removed a much more important story.

That story, a story that, seriously, almost made me vomit, was this:


One Yankee died tonight, it’s true, and I don’t dispute the tragedy there.

But the real tragedy is that this story, of this Yankee, buried this one.

It’s hard for me to pretend, really it is.

In this case, I simply can’t create a better world.



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