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Interview with Former Presidential Candidate Bush — Final Installment October 7, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in Bush, News and politics.

This is our third and final installment of our interview with former candidate Bush.

GY: When President Gore was elected in what was a very closely contested election, many people said there was little difference between the two candidates. Now that Gore has pushed a somewhat more liberal agenda than may have been anticipated, how would you assess the difference between yourself and Gore?

W: Well, John, first off I should say that Al Gore is a good man, a decent man, a family man. A real family man. And Tipper is just wonderful, absolutely wonderful. But I mentioned in the first election that there were differences, and so did John McCain during the 2004 elections.

The environment is obviously one difference between the GOP and Gore. Gore has imposed impossible standards on the auto industry. GM will probably be bankrupt in another year or so, simply trying to compete with the Japanese auto industry in attacking these impossible new standards.

GY: But GM and Toyota have formed a partnership for developing and selling hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

W: It’s a brilliant strategy by Toyota. Get into the market, with the help of American ingenuity, and snatch the market away from the domestics. It’s a snatch and burn policy, really.

GY: Could you be a bit more clear about why Toyota can succeed in this market with the same cars and GM can’t?

W: It’s all about regulations. We regulate now more than we did prior to 2000. We have standards today, and we shouldn’t have standards. Standards are constricting. They constrict and confuse people.

GY: So you don’t think the massive tax breaks given to GM for developing alternatives to combusion engines will offset the regulatory burdens at all.

W: Well, as Laura likes to remind me, breaks are for cars, not taxes. You cut taxes, period. You don’t just break them.

GY: Gore has come under considerable criticism from the Left that the tax breaks to the domestic auto industry amount to corporate welfare. Do you disagree with that?

W: The welfare of American companies is in all our interests, so no, I can’t really agree with that. I’m interested in the welfare of the hard working people in our companies. Aren’t you?

GY: Let’s move back to foreign policy before we close. What do you consider today’s biggest foreign policy issue?

W: I’m glad you asked that John, because of recent developments. Right now we face a grave threat right here at home from a foreign policy. Russia has begun deporting Georgians, and is imposing sanctions on Georgia. It’s a pretty belligerent act on Putin’s part. But I can tell you that I know Georgians. The great state of Georgia will not tolerate these sanctions, and neither should we. It’s a mystery to me why Russia would target Georgia in the first place. From Macon to Atlanta, just a bunch of hard working folks minding their own business.

GY: Actually, Russia is targeting the nation Georgia, in the Caucusus.

W: Well, their base of operations may be in the Caucusus. As you know, there are many Russian military installations in the Caucusus. I simply hope that Mr. Gore will take off his appeasement hat for a day and defend the good people of Georgia.

GY: Well, thank you Mr. Bush. This has been an illuminating interview.

W: Thank you, John, and God bless America.



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