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An Interview with Iranian President Kamal Kharrazi October 5, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

VP Clinton is in Isfahan today for the commeroration of the new Iranian capital. We bloggers tend to focus onhow excited young Iranians are to resume relations with the US, and how most of them seem desperate to reach out to the West, maybe for the candy — who knows?

But here’s a sobering interview with Iranian President Kamal Kharrazi. Just when you thought it was safe to be friendly to Iran again…

GY: Thank you for visiting with us, Mr. Kharrazi.

K: In the name of Allah, may you never show His portrait in a cartoon, or you will die unexpectedly.

GY: Thank you for the advance warning. In the past, particularly before you were elected President of Iran, you used anti-American rhetoric quite frequently. What has changed?

K: Not much has changed. Our countries are very different. This has not changed.

GY: Different in what ways?

K: In all ways you can think. Politics, culture, everywhere. In politics — world affairs I should say, no nation that is an empire can be trusted. I would say that about America even if Allah had blessed it and it was 100% Shi’a. We hear so much about the Jewish Holocaust, but how often do we hear about the American holocaust?

GY: You’re talking about the Native American indigenous population?

K: Yes, it was effectively wiped out by empire building. Also, as we understand it, many Chinese were wiped out by creating the Empire State Building.

GY: Umm, actually, I think that was railroads, and not simply empire building, but we get your point.

K: Your nation is no different than any other empire. It doesn’t mean Americans are evil — it’s the nature of empires. Empires are evil. It is not just the United States where we have differences.

Let me give you a specific example.

The New York Yankees. They’re an empire, and they demand hegemony. And there can be no doubt that they are infidels.

GY: Are you referring to the fact that there is a severe disparity in the MLB?

K: Indeed, I am. Look at the Florida Marlins. They had a payroll of what? $15 million?

GY: And yet they were were almost a .500 ballclub.

K: Who’d a known? So, anyway, nice segue, you secular pimp, and, back to your original question.

GY: About the Yanks, or about hegemony?

K: Actually, about Joe Girardi. We are close to declaring a fatwa against Jeff Loria.

GY: Most Americans agree that Girardi was A), not a pimp, and B), a remarkable truth sayer.

K: An infidel. Girardi is an infidel.

GY: Let it go. Besides, nobody in America cares about Joe Girardi.

K: Nobody in America, that is true.

GY: Shit. We just will never get along.



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