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Iranian President Visits U.S. September 8, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

I told myself I was going to try to limit political posts while on vacation, but this is a pretty historic moment as Kamal Kharrazi, President of Iran, visits the United States today in the first visit from an Iranian leader since the Shah was deposed. Technically, of course, the visit is part of a summit between Kharazi, Iraqi President Ahmed Chalabi and U.S. President Al Gore to help build economic ties between Iran and Iraq. Gore has gone on record as saying it isn’t yet time to restore diplomatic relations with Iran, and Iran’s ayatollahs still call us the devil even as their people start to cry out for greater ties to the US. So it’s clear why the meeting was set up under the pretenses of the growing economic relationship between Iran and Iraq.

Still, the possibilities are interesting.

It reminds me a little of detente.

For one thing, Iraq, in the few short years since Saddam was deposed, is becoming a money machine, despite some substantial unrest in Bagdhad’s Al Thawra neighborhood in recent months. As I understand it, even though that part of the city is largely Shi’a, basic services are still not established. It would be good to hear from someone in that area. Not many bloggers seem to be reporting from Al Thawra, which is sort of the opposite of how things normally work in blogger land.

Maybe I’ll do a call for stringers, so we can see how the various parts of the world are faring under The Gore Years.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.



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2. JBisner - September 21, 2007

Hearing the news regarding Iran’s President coming to visit the USA makes me feel odd but also I feel there is hope to end a big part of the conflict we face today in the Middle East. Many innocent people had died for the wrong reasons and maybe we should see Iranian’s President visit as a sign that may bring positive changes for both USA & Iran.

The Iran’s President is also a human being and as such, he can change if he is willing, just like everything else with the human race we have the means to change when we come to realize that it will be in everyone’s interest or we foresee a catastrophe. It is not in Iran’s interest to get involve or trigger a war between the USA and Iran, Yes, they may play the political game to see where that gets them but they know better than that. Iranian president knows that the problem is not his people but his own government and politics, therefore no more innocent lives should be put in harms way.

The USA recognizes that the issue is not the Iranians but the government, believes, political hidden agenda and capital gain. This visit to the USA shows that he is looking for something; he has something in his mind bothering him. Maybe he is looking for some closure; let us remember that many innocent people from around the glove died at the World Trade Center Catastrophe or maybe things are not going as he expected but anyway we should take advantage of his visit and hope to see positive results beneficial to both of us.

Nerveless, he is consider the president from a country we consider part of an Axis of Evil but even when that maybe the truth we both can in hardship times cooperate with each other to reach a common goal of peace and prosperity for both of our counties. I am actually glad that the USA diplomacy is doing what it is suppose to do; maybe we are getting somewhere after all.

I really hope that Kamal Kharrazi finds within in his heart the answers he is looking for and when the right time comes, he can make the right decisions. Just like the USA is trying to help other countries embrace and practice democracy, freedom and liberty the Iranian people can do the same and live at peace sharing the free world with one another without fear or devastating consequences.

I can only hope for president Kamal Kharrazi to go back to his country and rethink everything about his government and presidency with a positive new perspective where “CHANGE” not always is bad or wrong thing to do. When applied properly “change” can show you the way to a better you, better life, better living, better world. “Positive changes” can only guide you to happiness, freedom and liberty even when the path to cross to get there could be painful, unthinkable or disastrous if we do not come to terms that everyone will obey, respect and hold to; by doing so everything will be remarkably rewarding at the end.

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