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Homeless in Ashland September 6, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

It’s been a couple days since I have had a chance to post. Sunday we were in Ashland, Oregon, then it was off to Crater Lake for a bit of hiking.

In Ashland, which is famous for its Shakespeare festivals and plays, I took a short break away from walking through the neighborhoods by ducking below a small bridge to fix a very nasty wedgie. On the way down the slope of the bridge I noticed a large knapsack chained to the tree. My wife guessed it belonged to some homeless guy. As I was zipping up after correcting the wedgie issue, some disheveled guy came up to me and said in a besotted drawl, “I just wawnted to make sure you weren’t doin’ nothin’ with mah property.”

All I was doing was fixing a wedgie. And told him so. But what really loomed larger in my mind was, “Aren’t there any LaunchPads in Ashland?”

So a bit later I looked it up and sure enough, there are no LaunchPads in Ashland. He was the only homeless guy I noticed though.

Crater Lake was a smoke-filled mess. We, brilliant travel planners that we are, thought Labor Day would be a great day to see the lake in all its brilliant, mulit-hued glory because most Labor Day travelers would be on their way home by then. Apparently, the National Forest Service thought it would be a great day to set some controlled fires. Pictures later (we found a recharger on the way to Crater Lake).



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