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Cruising Through Oregon in Our New Hydrogen Powered Highlander September 4, 2006

Posted by chuckwh in News and politics.

My wife and I have been looking forward to this road trip for quite awhile. Weird. I’m 48 years old and I’ve never been on a really serious road trip. I’ve always actually wanted to go cross country by car. I’ve never done it though.

So this is the best I’ve ever come up with — a jaunt up through Oregon from San Jose. Lame, I know, but it’s how it is.

My wife and I bought the Highlander in June, fully loaded of course, and we’ve been juiced to see how it performs on a long trip. It’s one of the new hyrdogen-powered vehicles that’s part of a joint venture between Toyota and GM. GM’s version is made by Saturn and is called The Orbiter, but we went to the Toyota dealership mostly because they were closer.

Last night we drove from San Jose up to Ashland. It was a nice little drive — nothing special though until Mount Shasta began to loom ahead with its snow capped peaks.

The biggest concern for us as we were planning the trip was, how many hy-fuel stations would there be? So we did a little research and sort of had to plan our trip that way. We found two in Ashland, so of course that is our first stop, and here we are. There’s one in Eugene, and several in Portland. There’s also one in Seaside. My wife says there’s another one in Astoria, which we’ll visit first anyway on the return trip home. I remember there’s another further down the coast, but after that we’ll have to veer back inland for the rest of the trip home. Hy-fuel stations are opening up fast, but they can still be a bit hard to find.

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our battery recharger for our digital camera (mine takes two double A batteries) so I won’t be loading any pictures of our trip for a few days. Needless to say, these days, finding disposable double A batteries is like trying to find a hy-fuel station in Wyoming. Ever since the Gore administration started imposing environmental taxes on them, they’ve begun to disappear from grocery shelves. You’d think local gas stations would sell battery chargers these days. They could charge a mint for them and make a bundle. You know, overcharge for them like they do everything else.

Anyway, more later. My wife wants to go do dinner.



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